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Create stunning images and videos effortlessly with KREA AI, the ultimate design tool powered by artificial intelligence. Try it for free and unlock endless creative possibilities!


KREA AI is an innovative design tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to generate captivating images and videos. With its user-friendly interface and advanced AI models, KREA AI empowers users to create professional-quality designs without the need for complex software or tools.

Key Features:

AI Training: Train your own AI engine in your unique style, allowing you to achieve personalized and professional results.

Smart Object Removal: Automatically detect and remove unwanted objects from your images, saving you time and effort.

Stable Diffusion XL: Integrate the latest stable diffusion model as an AI engine, ensuring high-quality and accurate results.

Dark Mode: Enjoy a visually pleasing experience with the option to switch to a dark mode interface.

KREA Feed: Stay inspired by exploring AI generations from other users and showcase your own creations.

Improved Image Variations: Experience better quality and accuracy in generating image variations.

Community AI Trainings: Access AI models trained by the KREA community, expanding your creative possibilities.

Pattern Tool: Create images conditioned on patterns, allowing for unique and customizable designs.

KREA Tutorials: Learn different use cases and workflows with KREA through comprehensive tutorials.

Profiles: Share your work with the KREA community by creating your own profile page.

Inpainting: Generate images with prompts on specific regions of the image, enhancing your creative control.

Mobile Support: Use KREA AI on your smartphone for on-the-go creativity.

Image Prompts: Use images as prompts to generate personalized and visually appealing designs.

Mix Community AI Models: Combine the styles of multiple custom AI models to create truly unique designs.

“Aesthetic Mode”: Create aesthetic images with simple prompts, making design accessible to everyone.

Real-time AI Training: KREA AI learns about your aesthetic preferences as you use the tool, providing personalized recommendations.

AI Image Editor: Edit images with AI-powered tools, enhancing your design capabilities.

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