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Embed AI

Embed AI


EmbedAI is the ultimate AI chatbot creator in 2024, offering custom chatbot creation powered by ChatGPT. Revolutionize customer service with multilingual support and seamless integration.


The AI tool in question is EmbedAI, a platform that enables users to create custom AI chatbots powered by ChatGPT trained on their data and embed them on their websites in 2024.

It is designed to efficiently manage vast amounts of information and offer prompt, automated responses to user queries. EmbedAI is equipped with features such as training on files, websites, and YouTube, customization of look and feel, sharing options, multilingual support, and integration with various apps via API or Zapier.

It is powered by GPT models by OpenAI and Google, and it supports queries and responses in 100+ languages. Additionally, it has received positive feedback from users, with mentions of its Notion integration, personalized AI models, and its potential for enhancing user experience and streamlining the shopping process on platforms like Shopify.

The tool is positioned as the ultimate AI chatbot creator, outperforming the competition and revolutionizing customer service in e-commerce.

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